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I have ten years of professional experience as a software developer, which is in addition to my work, something I love. That is why I try to be up-to-date and expand my knowledge in the newest technologies and methodologies appeared in the software development world.
In these years I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Relational Database Design, Software Development Life-cycle and Methodologies, Content Management Systems and Software Debugging Tools
Having developed a wide range of ASP.NET WebForms / MVC and WinForms applications by using both C# and VB.NET for over eight years, I have an extensive knowledge of .NET Framework, Visual Studio and SQL Server.
I consider myself focused on delivering the client requirements, and the software development methodologies as an important mechanism to develop projects successfully. Therefore I have created my own tool GTDoro.com in order to manage and track personal projects, based on GTD and Pomodoro.
ASP.NET MVC Core and Xamarin Forms are the platforms I am currently interested in. I have recently published my first Xamarin Android app and I hope it is the first in a long list!

Current Position

Solutions Engineer at Deloitte Ireland (Dublin) since May 2017

• Responsible for .NET backend development at the Department of Social Protection

Previous Position

Software Web Applications Developer at Strata3 (Dublin) [ February 2014 - May 2017 ]

• Responsible for .NET and JAVA Web applications backend development and maintenance • Developed Web Forms, Client/Server validation, CMS integration, DB and Web Services in/out processes, Production releases for KBC.ie and other clients • Handled support tasks for different clients and platforms and solved 95% of their issues • Performed time estimates, CMS and API integrations and Server administration Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Kentico, VB.NET, MVC, JS/JQuery, SVN, JSP, SQL, IIS/Tomcat, Realex, Jira

Trying to help others

My daily work and personal projects require facing multiple tasks and issues.
I believe the solutions I find can become something useful for others so I write some blog posts.

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Coding and software development are, in addition to my work, something I love.
Check out some of the projects I've been working on in my spare time.

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Find below some pictures... because there is more to life than work!
Most of them are taken in Dublin, the wonderful city where I live.

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